Warranty Information

Evil Diesel Injection includes a 18 month unlimited mileage warranty on our injectors.  All injectors are tested on a state of the art Hartridge Test Bench before leaving our shop.  If any problems arise we will exchange the problematic injector only within this 18 month timeframe.  If, in the unlikely event, that a problem should arise with one of our injectors, you can send the faulty injector in for inspection and repair by one of our certified technicians or we will send a replacement for you to swap out the faulty injector.  Refundable charges apply if we send an injector to swap out.  Evil Diesel highly recommends using a shipping method that offers both insurance and package tracking as these may be your only source of recourse if the package is lost or damaged in shipment back to
us.  We cannot be held liable for damages done to your vehicle, engine or any other vehicle component due to the installation of our remanufactured injectors.  We are not liable to cover any repair costs, diagnostic charges, injector shipping costs other than ground shipping back to you, or costs associated with injector installation, removal, towing expenses, rental vehicle fees, hotel expenses and any other fees should a problem arise with your vehicle or our injectors.  We will NOT accept whole sets of injectors to exchange if a problem arises, only
individual problematic injectors will be addressed which customer must first properly diagnose. 
Exclusions to this warranty include:
Injector damages caused by a lack of lubricity in the fuel:
Water in fuel
Gasoline in fuel
Poor filtration
Low fuel pressure
'Home made' bio &/or veggie fuels
Injector damage as a result of other component failure.
Fuel Injectors, Injection Pumps, High Pressure Oil Pumps, Exhaust, Fuel System and Electrical Components
May Not Be Returned After Installation
May be Returned within 15 days of Delivery
MUST be in NEW / RESALABLE Condition (as determined by us).
Customer is responsible for return shipping.
Shipping Charges ARE NOT Refundable!
All Returned Items Subject to a 25% Restocking Fee.
Customer is responsible for any charges required to return item to NEW / RESALABLE condition. (or any discount we must
 offer to sell an item we can't return to NEW / RESALABLE condition)

May be returned within 15 days for replacement/exchange.
May ONLY be returned if Defective or Damaged, and ONLY for replacement with like item.
Refunds will NOT be given on Special Order Items
Special Orders require 100% paid deposit.
Any shipments refused by the customer are subject to the NON-DEFFECTIVE ITEMS Return Policies & Fees.
A 25% Restocking Fee + any Return Shipping Charges billed by UPS will be charged to the customer.
In addition to our normal restocking fee, any returned item that was originally shipped under a "Free Shipping" program
will be assessed a fee equal to the actual shipping charge for the original shipment. UPS does not ship our products for
free, we simply choose not to charge our customers for the shipping on some orders as a way of saying "Thank You"
for purchasing through EVIL DIESEL INJECTION LLC. Unfortunately, UPS doesn't give us a refund of the shipping if
you return the item to us, we still have to pay them for the delivery so we must cover this expense from the refund of the
If you have any questions about our return policy, please call us between the hours of 10am - 5pm EST (M-F)
at 478-205-5487 or email us at EVILDIESELPERF@gmail.com